Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hope Kicked Fear's Ass

Yay! Obama!
He's not the solution to all of our ills
And I'm a little afraid that he will be killed
But here's to a better place that he will help build
Yay! Obama!
Though most of us don't have black skin
"That one's" the one that we voted in
I admit I never thought that he would win
Yay! Obama!
My mom of all people said it makes her sad
That half of the country is still quite mad
But hope taking over can't be all bad
Yay! Obama!
Now I understand just a little bit more
How the boomers all felt they were part of a cure
And as I sit here now, I am part I am sure
Yay! Obama!
And with this vote, some threshold we've passed
For the mutts are in charge, not the purebreds at last
Saying it loudly, hope kicked fear's ass.
Yay! Obama!

Thanks to someofnothing for the post title.

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